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      The health and safety of the university community has been of cardinal importance to us over the years.  Therefore we have generated a website devoted to health and safety issues pertinent to university employees and students.
Most information also pertains to people in all walks of life.
    Its raison d'etre is to distribute seminal information to as many universities, other seats of learning and to as many others interested in health and safety as possible.  We hope that everyone will have the opportunity to learn from our endeavors.

The content contained on this web site is derived from sources deemed reliable and accurate. It is provided for information purposes only. Neither this web site's owners nor the contributors are responsible for any use to which the information may be put.

In clicking to enter this website I hereby release the owners, registrants, administrators and contributors from damages that may occur as a result of any use of any information obtained from this web site. I do this with the knowledge of what it means.

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